ISBN 978-956-418-184-4

Why is it so tough to love?
A Heartfelt Tale of Love, Loss, and the Unbreakable Bond We Share with Our Beloved Pets

Autor:Segura Godoy, José Alfredo
Colaborador:Segura Godoy, José Alfredo (Traducido por)
Editorial:Segura Godoy, José Alfredo
Materia:Género humano
Clasificación:Filosofía ética y moral
Público objetivo:General
Número de edición:1
Número de páginas:76
Encuadernación:Tapa dura o cartoné


As an animal lover, and a physician as a profession, the author understands the healing power of pet companionship, and through his writing, he seeks to explore and articulate the complex emotions that come with loving and losing a pet.
His experiences with his three cats, and the recent loss of “Houdini”, have shaped his perspective on the unconditional love pets bring into our lives and the invaluable lessons they teach us about joy, grief, and the resilience of the human spirit.
In "Why is it so tough to love?", Jose invites readers to journey through his reflections, hoping to provide comfort and understanding to anyone
who has loved and lost a cherished animal companion.


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